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Lighting designer, Jeff Ravitz, has launched a new design firm, Intensity Advisors, LLC. The company will have a concentration in televised live entertainment such as concert broadcasts, comedy specials, awards shows, and other special event TV programs and studio productions.

“We want Intensity Advisors to be known for providing the highest quality lighting design for any form of live entertainment, event or spectacular that is being captured for a broadcast, webcast, cinema-cast, on video or film,” explains Ravitz.  “We can create an entire show from scratch that works simultaneously for the camera and also for a live audience. In addition, we can work with existing designs of productions that need to have lighting adjustments or tweaking for TV.”

The company will continue its work on purely live entertainment and events, as well.  Ravitz has long been involved with Bruce Springsteen’s live performances, as well as with artists such as Ringo Starr and Styx.

Lighting designer, Kristie Roldan, who has been Ravitz’s longtime assistant and design associate, is joining Ravitz in his new firm. Roldan has worked closely with the designer on numerous projects and television shoots, and often acts as Lighting Director and coordinator during the onsite shooting phase of production. Kristie comes from a design background in theatre, dance and themed entertainment experience, and holds an MFA from UCLA.

The firm has recently designed a DVD for rock band, Styx, and is preparing the television lighting for the upcoming ice show, Kaleidoscope, as well as a worldwide webcast for the Project 4 Awesome organization.

Ravitz, a recipient of a Primetime Emmy® and three regional Emmys, was previously CEO of the firm he co-founded, Visual Terrain, Inc. Intensity Advisors’ offices will be in North Hollywood.  More information about the company can be found at www.intensityadvisors.com

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