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The show lighting for a new concert television special and DVD release, Live In Dublin–Bruce Springsteen With The Sessions Band, was adapted for TV by Springsteen’s long-time tour designer, Jeff Ravitz.  The show is being broadcast on the PBS Television Network and will have a worldwide theatrical screening on June 4 in digitally equipped cinemas.  The DVD will be released on June 5, 2007.

The show was taped last November at The Point Arena in Dublin.  Although the show was already somewhat designed with the camera in mind, “a number of important adjustments became necessary before we were satisfied that we had the look we wanted to be preserved for posterity,” Ravitz commented.  “For one thing, the show had evolved both in musical as well as emotional content since the tour began in May 2006. We moved toward a darker, more textured and directional look than we have ever previously attempted. We knew the equipment would capture these nuances, and the time was right to explore an entirely new, bolder approach to interpreting Bruce’s music that derived inspiration from the great cinematographers.”

Jeff Ravitz

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