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NickMom Night Out (Stand-Up Series, LA, Chicago, Orlando) (Nick Jr.)

Viacom’s Nick Jr. children’s network wanted to encourage parents, whose kids spent the day watching that specialized lineup of shows, to stay tuned after the kids go off to bed.  That meant offering moms and dads more grown-up content.  Thus, NickMom was born:  a block of late-night shows oriented to the adults whose TV could now remain on Nick Jr.

Our show, NickMom Night Out, was a stand-up show with a host plus four featured guest comedians, which aired nightly in an after-hours time slot.  Performed to a live audience of mostly mom-types (a few dads generally showed up and always had a great time), the material focused on the wonderful trials and tribulations of parenthood. Judging by the crowds’ unanimously uproarious responses, the subject matter hit home hilariously.  The producers decided to take the show on-the-road, to originate from New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Orlando.  We joined the show in city #2, LA.  The intended vibe was “nightclub”, and when possible, the shooting location was a hotel ballroom with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking that particular city’s skyline.  We created free-standing lighting systems from scratch, since these rooms were not natively set up to host a TV production of our type.

  • Lighting Designer:
    Jeff Ravitz
  • Producers:
    Tara Power, Joselyn Allen
    (Decoupage Productions)
  • Director:
    Dana Calderwood
  • Associate LD:
    Kristie Roldan
  • Set Design:
    Jeremy Derbyshire-Myles
  • Network:
    Nick Jr.

Jeff Ravitz

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