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Rabbi Irwin Kula “The Hidden Wisdom Of Our Yearnings” (PBS-TV & DVD)

Irwin Kula, the host of Yearnings, is known as a provocative religious leader who also challenges traditional beliefs in his quest to help others live the most fulfilled lives. In this program, taped before a live audience in Chicago, Rabbi Kula attempts to help people know themselves better as they strive for the things for which we all yearn: love, wisdom, understanding, and successful relationships.

Irwin Kula previously hosted a 13 episode series for PBS entitled Simple Wisdom, for which Jeff Ravitz also designed the lighting.

  • Lighting Designer:
    Jeff Ravitz
  • Producers:
    The Jewish Television Network (JTN)/
    Jay Sanderson,
    Harvey Lehrer
    Reality Check Media/ Niki Vettel
  • Director:
    Bob Comiskey
  • Network:
    Public Broadcasting Network (PBS)

Jeff Ravitz

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