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Webcasts have become the newest, most efficient and widespread delivery system for live concert video. They are capable of reaching viewers worldwide within seconds of their release and have given artists, record labels, and producers powerful reach and connection to their audiences. It is easy to underestimate what goes into these shoots because they are freely accessible on the internet, but the projects we have worked on are treated like full-scale television shows and there is an expectation of top quality production values despite comparatively tighter budgets. Here are some outstanding highlights of past and recent webcasts.

  • Lighting Designer:
    Jeff Ravitz
  • Associate Designer:
    Kristie Roldan
  • Producers:
    Control Room/ Kevin Wall,
    Aaron Grosky,
    Nick Jacobovitz
    AEG Network Live/ John Rubey,
    Nick Jacobovitz
  • Directors:
    Kerry Asmussen
    Anthony Bongiovi
    Karl Lee
  • Appearing on:

Jeff Ravitz

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