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KERO-TV, Channel 23, ABC Affiliate, Bakersfield, CA Newsroom Lighting Update

KERO-TV 23 in Bakersfield, CA, anticipated the requirement to go digital by 2009, by redesigning their existing newscast studio. A new anchor desk and weather report area, as well as redesigned backgrounds, all optimized for future high definition telecasts, necessitated an upgrade to the studio lighting design. Jeff Ravitz was contracted to evaluate the existing lighting and to design a plan to refocus and rebalance the entire studio. Much of the new design utilized equipment already in the station’s inventory, and KERO purchased additional equipment as specified by Ravitz. In addition, a remote news office set used for special segments, and a hallway through which the weatherman is followed into the studio, were also reworked for improved lighting.

The result has been a successful upgrade that will reliably steer the station into the look of television’s future.

  • Lighting Designer:
    Jeff Ravitz
  • Set Design & Construction:
    Inergi Design Services
  • Station General Manager/VP:
    Craig Jahelka
  • Station Director of Creative Services:
    Steve Taylor

Jeff Ravitz

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