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The Nightlife (Teen Nick series)

Nick Cannon, the Chairman of the Teen Nick network division of Nickelodeon, conceived a show that would bring the American Bandstand model to today’s teenagers. Nick is the show’s MC and VJ. Along with his co-hosts, Aaron Fresh and Chloe Wang, they play the hottest music videos and conduct interviews with the biggest stars of pop & hip-hop, movies and TV while fifty teenagers dance and enjoy the show in-studio. Each episode features a live performance by a popular act such as Colette Carr, The School Gyrls, Iyaz and dance group, Poreotix.

The 360 degree set had over 200 built-in lights to help create maximum excitement, and the lighting system was designed to support the rock-concert, nightclub vibe. But the actual lighting approach was also quite serious in its intention to make the hosts and celebrity guests look fabulous on-camera, as befits a network production.

  • Lighting Designer:
    Jeff Ravitz
  • Producers:
    Nick Cannon
    Rocart, Inc./
    Michael Goldman,
    Nile Evans,
    Liz Sterbenz
  • Director:
    Kerry Asmussen
  • Associate LD:
    Kristie Roldan
  • Programmers:
    Ben Richard
    Steven Hagerman
  • Network:
    Teen Nick

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