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Sons & Daughters (ABC-TV Comedy/Drama Series)

The series, shot in 24p, High Definition format, centered around the zany and slightly troubled members of a family trying to make it through life as comic situations developed amongst them.

“The show had an extremely spontaneous feel to it, due to the improvisational nature that the script encouraged. The plot was outlined and the characters had to advance the story line, but the actors had greater freedom to explore different paths to achieve this. This impacted the shooting style, which had to respond to these variables to cover a lot of reactions. We needed to be prepared for quick changes and to modify on the spot.”

Each episode was taped on two adjoining soundstages at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood. The interiors and exteriors of four families’ houses, created by production designer Elisabeth A. Scott, were built to full-scale size, allowing for removable walls to accommodate camera moves and angles. Additional scenes were taped on location throughout the Los Angeles area.

  • Lighting Designer:
    Jeff Ravitz
  • Executive Producers:
    Broadway Video/Lorne Michaels
    Fred Goss
    Nick Holly
  • Director:
    Fred Goss
  • Unit Produciton Manager:
    Michael Pendell

Jeff Ravitz

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